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The number of borrowings differs according to the affiliation status.

· Academic Staff: 10 books for 30 days, 2 extensions (each extension 30 days)

· Associate and Undergraduate Students: 3 books for 15 days, 2 extensions (15 days for each extension)

· Master and Doctorate Students: 5 books for 30 days, 2 extensions (each extension 15 days)

· Administrative Staff: 5 books for 30 days, 2 extensions (each extension 30 days)


You can access it from the catalog browsing, from the resources in our library, from a place such as a reservation imprint.


Members who leave the university for retirement, resignation or other reasons cannot be dismissed without returning the information sources they borrowed and paying a fine, if any.

Students must have their "dismissal document" approved by the library upon graduation or in the event of their registration being deleted. The "dismissal" documents of students who owe the library without returning the borrowed information sources and paying the fine, if any, are not approved.

A member who leaves the university in any way without returning the borrowed information sources is reported to the rector's office for legal action to be taken. 


Resources with the following qualifications are not accepted as donations to the collection of the university library:

a) Those prohibited by judicial decision,

b) Those who are below the level of the university in terms of subject scope and language used,

c) Those that are out of date, except for manuscripts and rare printed works,

d) Those who have been reproduced by copy (photocopy) and/or have copyright problems,

e) Those present in sufficient numbers in the library collection,

f) Persons or institutions who make a request for a special place that will disrupt the shelf integrity of the collection,

g) Works whose physical condition is worn out,

h) Separate editions of the book section and articles belonging to the journals, journals, encyclopedias, etc., whose volume cannot be achieved.

Multi-volume works such as newspapers and journals are evaluated within this scope.


The library can always be used during certain working hours. However, in case of requesting to borrow information resources, it is obligatory to present an identity card (student & staff ID card).

Those who have lost their identity card or cannot obtain it for a long time have to bring documents from the university staff, personnel department, and students, from the student affairs department. Members who are not university personnel can borrow resources within the framework of the rules determined, provided that they bring documents from the personnel departments of their institutions.


References in the reference room, resources in the reserve unit, master's and doctoral theses, rare works, reference works (dictionary encyclopedia, index, etc.), periodicals, atlas, maps and slides, musical notes, collection pieces, artistic materials, etc. Manuscripts and rare printed works, other materials determined by the department and which are inconvenient to be taken out of the library are not allowed to be borrowed. Readers can benefit from such materials only in the library and under the supervision of an official when necessary.