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İzmir Bakırçay University Central Library was established on the Seyrek Campus in 2018. Our central library, which is among the State Universities with the number of books that take a look at the 2020 YÖK monitoring and general evaluation report; It is an information center to offer a user of the highest level of goodwill for the necessary information for you to benefit from the first degree in the realization of training, purpose and planning. Our library has a closed area of ​​1.650 m² and seating for 300 people.

Our university, which has the first Barrier-Free university in İzmir, has 1 full-audio/ six-point view and magnification work station for our visually impaired and low vision users.

The collection of our library is developed and updated with all the academic and contemporary knowledge. YORDAM smart library system, which is the most common use among libraries in Turkey, is used in our library. AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules II) is used in the classification of the books in our library.

While preparing for the use of users, all resources are designed for reuse after being sterilized with the Easyclean Sterilization device. Center in İzmir Bakırçay, presented to its users. Bakırçay University Center expands its collection, which is newly added every year.

It is intended for use from a group consisting of 4 sections, with 9 study rooms in the hanging service of our library, and 35 pieces selected from the users, with reservation through the use of YORDAM.

There is training on accessing databases offered by TUBITAK ULAKBİM. In addition, subscribers, usage and open access databases among our users will be accessible through our library. It is also possible to reach all these services from outside (Vetis).

In İzmir Universities, "Use of university libraries in İzmir and resource visit,

Exchange of resources with member countries in Turkey with Anadolu University Inter-Library Consortium Cooperation Tracking System,

It is carried out for use with member users in Turkey by the Turkey Document Supply (TÜESS) service offered to TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM.

The center where the Central Library of İzmir Bakırçay University is hosted is maintained in accordance with our Directive.