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Dear Users,

If you do not deliver the information resources you have borrowed in due time, a fine of 2.00 TL is applied as a delay fee per daily book in accordance with the Article 29 (1) of the İzmir Bakırçay University Library Directive.
You can make the necessary transactions online by reviewing the steps given below for the library book delay fee.

1. Do not pay any fees before handing over the book!
2. It is essential that the online payment is made by the debtor.
3. In the explanation part of online payment: TC. You must deposit the Library Service Delay Fee along with the No. Otherwise, your payment will be deemed invalid.
4. Do not pay under or over fees.
5. Payment; It will be paid to the account of İzmir Bakırçay University Strategy Development Department with IBAN number TR62 0001 5001 5800 7306 3127 54 of Vakıfbank, Menemen – İZMİR Branch. 
6. The receipt showing that the amount has been deposited should be sent to kddb@bakircay.edu.tr.